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Wild Bill Jones

1 Jul

(click here for tab)

[fDGCD tuning]

Wild Bill Jones was first recorded by Eva Davis back in 1924 and since then has become one of the most popular songs in the Bluegrass and traditional Old Time repertoire. The earliest occurrence of the song is way back in 1916 at which time it was collected from a woman named Miss Viney Norton (Big Laurel, NC). From what I can tell, the prevailing version among pickers these days is based on the version played by the Stanley Brothers. I much prefer the different versions done by Granville Bowlin, Virgil Anderson, and Dock Boggs. The tab for this post is based on the playing of Dock Boggs – although he played it in open G tuning (gDGBD).

Check the .mp3 section for more material. Enjoy!


Shady Grove

7 Jun

This post features tabs from two guest contributors: Glenn Patterson and Sam Rubera.  Amazingly enough, both of them have arranged tabs based upon Lee Sexton’s (Letcher County, KY) two-finger version of Shady Grove in fDGCD tuning.  When compared to what seems to be a relatively homogenized interpretation found in many of versions out there Mr. Sexton’s version is particularly striking and lots of fun to play.

Here’r the tabs:

Glenn Patterson’s tab

Sam Rubera’s tab

Finally, here is a recording of Lee Sexton playing Shady Grove at home on 5/16/95 made by a fella I know only as “broos”.

Thanks to Glenn and Sam for their contributions!