.mp3 Files

[Note: These files were made for educational purposes only and as such are free to download.  Some of them are pretty loose and sloppy as a result of being slapped together over the course of a single afternoon, but I think they still closely represent my arrangements posted on the “Home” page.  All audio files were recorded on a Brooks Spartan open-back banjo w/12″ skin head and Aquila Nylgut “Classical” strings.  Enjoy! – Sean]

gDGBD tuning:

Bald Headed End of the Broom

Buffalo Gals

Careless Love

Chased Ol’ Satan

Cowhide Boots

Cripple Creek

Handsome Molly

Lazy John


Skillet Good and Greasy

Sourwood Mountain

The Dying Californian

gDGBbD tuning:

Pretty Polly

gDGCD tuning:

Cluck Old Hen

The Coo-coo Bird

Little Sadie

gDGAD tuning:

Willie Moore

gDGAE tuning:

Get Along Home, Cindy

Poor Ellen Smith

gCGCD tuning:

I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground

gCGCE tuning:

Sugar Hill

fDGCD tuning:

Wild Bill Jones

f#BEAD tuning:

Cumberland Gap

f#DGAD tuning:

Omie Wise

f#DF#AD tuning:

Reuben’s Train

eCGCD tuning:

Shout Little Lula

eEABD tuning:

Red Rocking Chair

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