That’s Where My Money Goes

6 Jan

(click here for tab)

[gDGBD tuning]

Here’s another guest-post from Sam Rubera (thanks, Sam!). For the strict thumb-lead player, you’ll notice that there are a few instances in Sam’s arrangement when the index finger picks melody notes on the 3rd string. Great exercise, in my opinion. I’ll let Sam do the rest of the talking:

Here’s one for you:

The song is “That’s Where My Money Goes”, stolen from the Supremest of the Supreme Beings (or “pretty top shit”, as we say in Australia), Uncle Dave Macon (Who once described himself [likely due to the influence of George Hay] as “banjoist and songster, liking religion and meeting, farming and thanking God for all the bountiful gifts he has bestowed upon us.”), from the 1951 recordings entitled “Uncle Dave: At Home”. This song was also recorded by Earl Johnson, Frank Stokes, Mississippi John Hurt, and John Jackson.

The tune is rather straight forward, it uses a different arrangement of the scale Boggs uses for his “Wild Bill Jones”. My arrangement is also rather straightforward, as usual, ask if’n you’ve got any questions.

You should probably play it loudly and quickly with lots of of strumming and yelping:

“That’s where my money goes
To buy silk camisoles
Nobody’s business
But my own

My girl, she’s nearly four
She works in a grocery store
Nobody’s business
But my own

She runs a weenie stand
Way down in No Man’s Land
Nobody’s business
But my own

We are the Jubilee
We drink good whiskey
Nobody’s business
But my own

It’s nobody’s business
Nobody’s business
Nobody’s business
If I do

Sometimes I ramble
Get drunk and gamble
Nobody’s business
But mine

One of these mornings, I’ll wake up crazy
Kill my wife and eat my baby
Nobody’s business
If I do

Morphine’s gonna run me crazy
Cocaine’s gonna kill my baby
Pretty girls gonna cause me to
Lose my mind”

– et cetera


One Response to “That’s Where My Money Goes”

  1. jm 04/28/2012 at 8:30 pm #

    Is there an audio file of this tab? I’m having a hard time finding a video on youtube. Thank you.

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