Get Along Home, Cindy

14 Dec

(click here for tab)

[gDGAE tuning]

Ain’t I a Goin’

Cindy, like Liza Jane, is a staple in the world of traditional N. American play party songs, ballads, and breakdowns. The earliest reference to “Get Along Home, Cindy” and its variations that I can dig up comes from vol. 28 of The Journal of American Folklore (1915). It shows up as a play party song collected under the title “Ain’t I a Goin’?” and is identified as having been “brought from Arkansas to Western Nebraska, 1882” and some have connected the melody with the old minstrel piece “Lucy Long” (1842). As it has journeyed across the delta and over the southern mountains, the song has taken on regional flavors and variations , resulting in great tunes like “Rockingham Cindy“, “Cindy in the Summertime“, “Step-Back, Cindy” (aka Holly Ding), “Old Time Cinda“, and “J’etais au Bal“. It was first recorded in 1925, by Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters (aka The Hillbillies) for Okeh records (40294). Since then it has been recorded in nearly every Western musical genre, from Bob Wills to Ricky Nelson and Jo Stafford to Robert Plant. To me, it will always be one of the quintessential Old Timey songs and breakdowns – and it makes a good kids song too!

Here’r a few links you might enjoy:

These folks do all the research, I just steal it:

A great page with links to many of the recordings I mentioned above:

Here’s the Cajun Cindy (“J’etais au Bal“):

Last, but not least, is the great Tim Twiss playing that old minstrel stage favorite,  “Lucy Long:


2 Responses to “Get Along Home, Cindy”

  1. Bob Gregory 12/15/2010 at 9:18 am #

    G’day Mate, I just love your 2 finger site !! . Excellent work as usual Thanks for all your hard work .

    Merry Christmas and all the best in 2011

    Regards Bob

    • 2ftlbanjer 12/17/2010 at 3:44 pm #

      Thanks a lot, Bob. Hope your holidays are filled with banjos and warm weather! Peace.

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