Shady Grove

7 Jun

This post features tabs from two guest contributors: Glenn Patterson and Sam Rubera.  Amazingly enough, both of them have arranged tabs based upon Lee Sexton’s (Letcher County, KY) two-finger version of Shady Grove in fDGCD tuning.  When compared to what seems to be a relatively homogenized interpretation found in many of versions out there Mr. Sexton’s version is particularly striking and lots of fun to play.

Here’r the tabs:

Glenn Patterson’s tab

Sam Rubera’s tab

Finally, here is a recording of Lee Sexton playing Shady Grove at home on 5/16/95 made by a fella I know only as “broos”.

Thanks to Glenn and Sam for their contributions!


One Response to “Shady Grove”

  1. Andy Wilson 08/10/2011 at 6:07 am #

    BRILLIANT -I just learned a clawhammer version from a David Holt instruction cd (same tuning) and will now have a go at this.Thanks Andy.

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